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                               STEEL FABRICATED PRODUCTS

                                     CAPACITY                                         Rivitswade steel fabrications have the expertise to produce pipework, fittings and specials from 15mm - 2500mm NB as standard in carbon steel, stainless steel and exotic materials.

                                        FABRICATION                                                               All fabricated products are manufactured to the requirements of BS 534 as standard or to customers specifications when requested. 

                            WELDING                                                All items are welded to independently approved procedures.                                                         Welding Procedure to BS EN 288 pt 3.                        Welder Approval to BS EN 287 PT 1. 

                                   TESTING                                         All fabricated items are hydrostatically tested to the relevent test pressure and Dye Penetrent Crack tested to BS 6443 : 1984 as standard.

    BESPOKE FABRICATIONS     Fabrications can be manufactured to suit any site dimensions or to customers specific requirements.